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Prom night is one of the most memorable events in a teenager’s life. For many it’s the first time that they experience a formal affair, often attending with their high school sweetheart, or better yet with a group of their best friends! So much planning goes into that perfect prom night, and as the parent of a teen you of course want to do your part to ensure a safe and happy evening. Many teens go in groups of three or four couples and rent a limo, but if you really want to give your child and their friends a truly unique ride, Big H Party Buses are the solution. A party bus allows them to begin their party as soon as they are picked up, and continue it between the evening’s destinations.


Every teen knows that the best proms are shared with all their best friends, and you know that no teen wants to head out in pairs in their cars like they do for an ordinary date. Why would they want to do that when they can pile into a party bus and begin the night from the moment that they’re picked up? With Big H Party Buses they will enjoy our wraparound seating so they can talk and laugh together and begin the evening right. Our stereo system that plays CDs and easily hooks up to their iPod or MP3 player lets them customize the soundtrack for their big night. And you, as the parent, can best of all rest assured that your kids are being chauffeured around town by a professional driver, rather than a teenager who is so excited about prom night that he can’t keep his eyes on the road. But your concern as a parent it’s only about safety, it’s also about fun, because you love your kids and want to give them an experience they’ll never forget.


It’s not just prom night that requires transportation. The preparation for the big night can also be just as fun when done in groups. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that you will want to rent from Big H Party Buses for your teen’s prom night and in the days leading up to it. Please note that most of the before-the-prom fun is focused on daughters (dress shopping, salon and spa day, etc.)–if it’s your son who is attending the prom, you may want to scroll down and skip right to the main event!




In addition to renting a party bus on the day of the prom, if you really like for your teenage daughter to live it up in a luxurious way, you may consider renting one of our buses for a day of prom dress shopping with their friends. There are so many places to seek out that perfect prom dress. Here are several recommendations, from the most upscale to the most unique:





Even better than that chauffeured shopping trip for dresses is your daughter’s day at the spa and salon before the prom. We’ll pick her and her friends up and take them to the spa of their choice for some pampering. Then we’ll usher them off to the salon for a new hairstyle and professional makeup. Afterward we can swing by their dates’ houses and whisk the group away to the prom of their dreams. Here are our recommended stops for their spa day:







Everyone wants that perfect prom night photo, whether it’s the old fashioned shot standing in the living room before you head out for the evening, or a fancy near-studio shot in high resolution! Of course wherever you decide to snap those photos, Big H Party Buses can provide the transportation that you need. If your idea of the essential prom night photo is more towards the latter, then take a look at our selection of ideas for the perfect setting:







When your teens pull up to the prom in one of our striking Big H Party Buses, it’ll make a big impression. Arriving in such a large group of friends is something that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, and the onlookers will remember too! Best of all, they won’t have to worry about parking, and our driver will wait for them while they party the night away. Your teen will be able to relax and enjoy the night, knowing that his or her transportation is waiting patiently outside, ready to shuttle them off to the next destination of the night at their command. Now that’s livin’ it up!






From the most glamorous dining establishments to the more cozy and casual, Houston offers many choices for your teen’s prom night dinner. Big H Party Buses will take them there in style. Here are a few excellent choices for you to consider.









We hope that our suggestions will be a help to you in planning your teen’s prom night. Of course the best reason to rent a party bus from Big H Party Buses is the safe and reliable transportation. That’s one thing you won’t have to worry about when your teen is out on the town. You know who is driving–our professionally licensed drivers.


Our bus can easily hold up to 24 passengers, so your son or daughter can bring all their best friends and then some. They’ll enjoy traveling to and from their destinations together instead of in separate vehicles. And with the perimeter seating it’s easy to chat and have a great time.

Rest assured that everyone at Big H Party Buses adheres strictly to the regulations and requirements that our state puts forth. All of our professional drivers have passenger endorsed CDLs. Our buses are rented by the hour, the same convenient way that limousines are billed. It’s great to know that there are no age restrictions on our buses, unless of course alcohol is present in which case everyone on board must have valid photo ID proving that they are 21 years of age or older. No tobacco products are allowed on the bus.


Would you like to speak to us about booking your teen’s transportation to and from the prom, or in the days leading up to it for that shopping trip or spa day? We’ll be waiting for your call at 713-338-2238, or you can email us at info@bigHpartybuses.com . We’ll begin the booking process by confirming the date that you select, and then we’ll make arrangements for the $100 deposit or payment in full if you prefer. If you opt for the deposit, that is credited toward your total bill, and you have until one week before the prom to pay the full bill via cash, check, or major credit card.





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